Future City

With the evolution of smart cities, software solutions will have a huge impact on our daily lives, our safety and our services. It is technology at its best.

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Our cities and towns are already looking to utilise smart software solutions that can provide practical benefits including significant cost savings, environmental improvements and increased efficiencies in people’s lives.

And we are already at the forefront of this movement delivering these solutions now.

How much time have you lost recently stuck in city traffic and delays? Or maybe you’ve been in a street that is insufficiently lit to feel entirely safe? For smart cities such things could be a thing of the past. And the list of possibilities goes on and on from intelligent cars, smart lighting to preventing floods.

At Future Processing, we have recently delivered a smart city development by implementing a system of intelligent video analysis aimed at detecting abnormal behavior recorded by CCTV, for example incidents of vandalism or traffic offences. Normal monitoring systems, operated by humans looking at numerous cameras, can easily overlook potentially dangerous situations.

Our software now detects them automatically and instantly forwards an alarm warning for review and possible intervention.

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