Future Property

Implementing smart software and hardware solutions can help to focus on strategic improvements, reduce risk, enhance safety and automate mundane tasks. From this comes real reductions in operational costs, while watching the efficiency flourish.

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The power of using intelligent analytics in buildings can have a huge impact in the way properties are managed. Incorporating smart solutions in day-to-day property operations will give businesses a significant competitive edge.

Smart property management, if carried out to its full potential, involves a diverse range of complex processes from analysing daily inspection data and records, monitoring the effectiveness of broadband and communication usage through to the utilisation of office space and desks.

Thanks to cooperation with Solid Entreprenør AS – a multicultural construction company, which occupies itself mainly with building flats – we’ve gained valuable insight into developing software that will help you effectively manage building your property, allowing the management of the entire lifecycle of an estate, from the project, through construction till interior design.

The software we work on together gives our Client a unique opportunity of improving control and effectiveness in the construction business. Solid passes controls and audits without any problems, satisfying the requirements far beyond expectations.

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